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Thursday, 12 April 2012

I Won The Lottery!!!

I bought a ticket last week on the spur of the moment for two draws.  Nothing on Saturday which left the Wednesday 11th draw.  I woke up this morning and daydreamed about how great it would be if last night's draw had been kind to me then decided to check the results on my mobile.  And I thought "Hang on....I've got at least three of those..." so I bolted out of bed and ran down to where the lottery ticket was, and...I had............four numbers!

So that was better than a poke in the eye with a stick!  £99 in my hands less than half an hour later after a quick dash to make myself decent and get round to Tesco to take some money off them for a change!

So early retirement and generous gifts will have to wait for now (!) but what a nice start to the day eh?

It's allowed me to fill my little car up with petrol, put some cash away for next week's groceries, get some stamps & greetings cards, treat hubby & I to a bottle of wine each (and him a packet of posh coffee....a real treat for his weekend mornings with marmalade on toast!) and I added a little bit to my Body Shop voucher today to get myself three of my favourite products.   I have a bit left as well which I will use tomorrow when I meet a good friend for a chat and a cuppa.

I also discovered that I had £1 left online in my Lottery account (I don't use it frequently) so I have picked 6 random numbers for this Saturday's draw.  This allows me to wake up Saturday morning and allow myself to daydream again....  :-)

Winning the lottery is a little daydream I have and I am not a person who spends pounds a week on trying.  It's just a pound here and there and that allows me to dream occasionally.  I do get lost in my little daydreams, it's true!

As well as the obvious things like being able to pay my mortgage off, I'd truly love the opportunity to make a difference to family & friends' lives.  And I would really be grateful for an opportunity to visit my friend who emigrated to Australia in 2010. 

But I would also try and plough money into local schemes and charities.  I would like to buy some wells for villages in 3rd world countries where clean water is so badly needed, plough some money into World Vision's scheme where they loan money to small businesses that want to start up in some of the world's poorest countries.  Sometimes people just need a chance to turn their lives around and not just a handout.

I'd also buy a massive vat of vanilla body lotion obviously!  ;-)

What would you do with a big lottery win?  


  1. Well done! I think we all dream of a fabulous big win and we are no different! I would like to help out my kids and Tonys kids first and foremost to secure their futures, then as long as we had money to do plenty of travelling I would be very happy!

  2. Ah how great well done! Hope there's more where that came from! I dont play the lottery but if i did start playing i know i'd buy myself a house, renting is no fun is it? Then i'd probably buy another little house for my parents, they wouldn't take it for free but they could rent it for hardly anything and that would feel great :) Then it would be saving accounts and i too would like to give something to chairty which one i'm not sure but i havent won anything yet! xx

  3. My husband buys a ticket and then doesn't check the numbers for a while as he says he likes to live with the idea "he might be a millionaire". We also discuss at length how we "actually wouldn't need a million" and have pretty much to the penny worked out what we would need to clear our mortgage, get everyone through uni and have a bit left over to live on. Not sure if we are a cup half full or a cup half empty, optomistic or just depressed? Either way, delighted for you.

  4. Congratulations! I've been watching the 'Syndicate' on TV over the last few weeks. I think it's been great drama and has certainly got me thinking about what I'd do if we won... Have a great weekend. Jx

  5. Hi
    If we won the lottery we would both finish work and live a nice easy life for a change, help all my children so that they wouldn't have to struggle quite as much as I've had to and then as our mortgage is paid off I'd buy either a caravan, lodge or campervan so that we could spend plenty of time by the sea.......we've all got to have our dreams haven't we?!
    Congratulations they say 'wins' come in 3's so who knows for Saturday nights draw - Good Luck xx