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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Chilly or WHAT?

Well now I realise some people who might read this blog may experience temperatures each winter that make our current cold snap feel like high summer but I have to say....I'm COLD!!  How about you?

My poor hubby has been off work today (day off....and again tomorrow) and because of the cost of gas, he's sitting at home with the central heating off and just puts the halogen heater on from time to time.  I feel so bad for him but he says he's ok, he's got layers on etc but I wonder if he's just putting a brave face on it!  I know how cold our house gets. 

I did a gas reading last Friday and our bill was up to £138 and we've still got till the end of March to go before the next bill is due.  We're just having to be frugal with it (heating) being on but it's such a sad state of affairs when there is snow on the ground outside!  But as ever, I know there are people worse off so I'm not grumbling too much.

How true is that?

Well it was hubby's birthday this week...we didn't go anywhere because the weather was cold & snowy so we just huggled down at home and watched films together.  A quiet day but we were happy.  We are off out this Sunday though as I bought him two tickets for his birthday to a gig so we're off to that.  Fingers crossed for slightly warmer weather as it's about 40 miles away and I don't fancy driving home in the dark if it is icy on the roads! 

I continue my experiments with Aldi's products and for the first time in a long time I have to report there is something I'm not happy with.  It's their Almat washing powder.  It just doesn't dissolve in the drawer for me at all!  I have to manually pour some warm water into the detergent drawer and mix it up with a spoon then wash it down with some more water!  Not good.  I won't be buying that again.  Such a shame - I had hoped for more as their fabric conditioner "So Soft" (or similarly named) in the yellow bottle is really good.

I bought some of their green olives with herbs yesterday to go into a pasta dish tonight and they were YUMMY.  So I will buy them again for sure.  I also picked up a packet of their dark chocolate digestive biscuits (very very naughty of me) for 59p...total bargain as they are delicious.  I shouldn't buy them again for the sake of my hips but I probably will!

Have you got any bargain products you can recommend (remembering we're vegetarian) from UK shops or websites?

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  1. We haven't really had snow to speak of in my part of the country but it has been Frreeeezing!!

    Today I was so cold when I was out, it took me ages to warm up when I got home!