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Thursday, 23 February 2012

I Love It When I Find Bargains!

Hello there, and how are you today?  I hope, well.

I wasn't feeling too well tonight when I popped out for a quick appointment so it was touch and go whether I would be popping into Morrisons on the way home for a couple of bits we needed.  I did go though and I am glad I did!  What a sight greeted me as I walked in.....two small tables of reduced bread products. 

I could have stocked up on reduced tea cakes or a spiced loaf but to me that would be a bit gluttonous and I wanted more practical things so I dug out a handful of products we could use for actual meals. 

  • A large brown loaf (large baguette shaped but not a baguette...bigger...) which will be perfect with home made soup.  29p.
  • A 2 pack of wholemeal sub rolls which will make for a decent lunch for hubby one day. 25p.
  • A pack of wholemeal large rolls...large enough to accommodate a veggie burger which will be a perfect weekend lunch.  19p.
  • Further down the store I found a pack of Cauldron veggie sausages for 50p.  We will make a sausage casserole out of these.  

Oh and the rubber gloves I had popped in for were reduced as well!  So I was quite pleased with that little lot.  Every penny is going to have to count especially right now.

Someone also tried to bully me in my little car!  Sometimes I can let it wash over me....my thoughts being 'men with small willies in big cars trying to make themselves feel better by trying to push around a woman in a small hatchback'.  Yeah whatever mate, whatever makes you feel good.  Then other times, I'm not having any of it!  Tonight was one of the latter. 

I was simply waiting at a roundabout which has traffic lights on it, and they were red.  The roundabout has three lanes on it and I was in the left hand lane minding my own business.  As the lights turned amber I started to pull away and before I was probably even a couple of metres down the road some eejit taxi driver in a big car comes whizzing round the middle lane of the roundabout through the barely green lights and gives me a huge "MEEHHHHHHHHHHHHH" with his horn.  For WHAT?  I hadn't done anything except stop at a red light and pull away at amber...and I hadn't encroached on the next lane at all!  I was completely baffled.

So I call him something naughty and let him speed away......then to my delight, about 200 metres down the road as I need to turn left into Morrisons car park, he is stuck in the third lane at another set of traffic lights which are red (but I can turn left on a green filter).  So as I cruise past I stick my hand on the horn and my little car goes "mehhhhhhhhhhhh" which is very weak in comparison to his baritone "MEEHHHHHHHHHHHHH" but anyway it was enough to get his attention so I could flip him the bird. 

Childish yes.  Made me feel better though.

Well it's nearly the weekend - any plans?  I have to get up quite early on Saturday to get a few bits done and also pick up a touch up paint pen for my little car as when I cleaned it on Sunday I noticed some lovely people had bashed into the passenger side door and put some nicks in it.  Hubby has used these types of pens before on a previous car so I am going to let him sort them out seems I think I am so ham fisted at anything like that.

Then I am off to a friend's house for my haircut and colour which is *not* a luxury, not with my hair type.  And today I looked in the mirror and thought thank goodness my hair appointment is nearly here as I look like a cave woman.  With grey roots.

Hubby is out all day on Sunday so I have the house to myself and all I plan to do is watch the Cardiff v Liverpool Carling Cup Final drinking tea out of my Liverpool mug and maybe, just maybe, treating myself to a bag of something savoury.  Bliss!  Come on you Reds!

And that's about it really.  Apart from the washing, the cleaning, the polishing, the tidying, you know...the usual delightful weekend chores. 

Well I hope you all have something nice to look forward to.  OH!  Recently I tried some Rosetti rose wine from Aldi for £3.49...it was rather nice.  So if you like rose wine and you want to try something for a few quid I can recommend that.  It is slightly watery compared to something by say Ernest & Gallo but for £3.49 you can't complain and I did think it was completely palatable.  No more of that for me for a while though.  I think my penance for buying that wine was three broken electrical items the next day!

Take care and bye bye for now.

x x x 


  1. Yes, it's so great to be able to give them one for a change!!

    I don't have any real plans for the weekend. Now that I'm retired, life is one long weekend...Lovely!!

  2. Well done on the bargains.
    Well done on the ignorant taxi driver front.
    And well done on having the house to yourself. Enjoy!!!
    Love from Mum