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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Doctor Will See You Now...

Hello again and hello & welcome to my new followers.  Lovely to have you around.  It always makes my day when I see someone else has decided to follow my ramblings!  So thank you for choosing to follow.  And thank you to all who commented on my last post where I was quite flat.  I appreciate your time to try & cheer me up.

Well I went to the Doctors today for a chat and some tests.  I do have to go back on Friday morning for a fasting blood test as she was concerned enough by my symptoms to agree to it.  So we'll see how that comes back.  She is also going to check my iron levels (full blood count), Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, folate and something to do with calcium as well.  Very thorough eh?

I also had a bit of an MOT whilst I was there.  Blood pressure slightly elevated at 141/85 (second reading) but that was not high enough for her to be concerned to 'take action' I guess especially if you take into consideration the "white coat" factor, oh, and the incident in the waiting room of which I shall tell ye more in a minute!

I also asked her to listen to my heartbeat and that was fine too.  I asked for her to check it as I am aware of palpitations at times, and seems I was there, I may as well ask! 

She also weighed me and I was 80kg.  The 'system' said my ideal weight was 66kg.  Even the GP looked at me and said "No!  No way, that is TOO much!" (in her lovely accent with it's slight West African twang) and she went on to say "If you tried to get down that much you would be *this* thin (holding up her finger) and you would be ill!"

THAT, dear readers, really made me happy!  I was delighted that someone in the medical profession agreed that losing over 2 stone just to fit into a chart, is a ridiculous notion.  What she did say, is, if I want to aim for something, aim for the weight I was last time the (previous) GP weighed me which was 75kg.  She advised trying for a kilo a month (2.2lbs), so, take it slowly and don't rush it.  I was perfectly happy with that.  That is 11 pounds to lose from today. 

11 pounds does feel a bit daunting but I think it's do-able if I make some sensible changes and really look at what I am getting for my calories during the day.  It's like getting more for your money really isn't it?

So there we are.  Just the blood tests to be done and results reviewed so we know if there is anything to include more of in the diet then I can really get on with it.

I shall post again in due course!  Fingers crossed.

Oh!  And the waiting room incident!  I was sitting there minding my own business, when a elderly gentleman came in and sat next to me.  This guy had some health issues in that he couldn't speak (not sure if it was due to a stroke or something else) and he also had an issue with his leg.  Anyway he sat next to me and before long had got my attention to check what the time was.  I told him the time and he gestured he wanted to go out for a cigarette (naughty!) but he was next in the queue - did I think he had time?  I said "No, you'll have to wait I think" to which he looked a bit deflated but hey ho. 

Then after that, he took a bit of a shine to me and he managed to point out to me that he was wearing his Manchester United track suit bottoms (!) to which I said "OK, well I don't think you're going to win the league this year!" which he waggled his hand at as if to say "Maybe!" then he gestured to ask me who I supported.  I showed him my keyring which has the Liverpool emblem on it and that cracked him up!  We were having a right little conversation between us I have to say.  But then he made a rocking baby gesture to ask if I had children.  I said no, then he checked my hand to see that I was wearing an engagement & wedding ring and checked that yes I was married.  THEN, bold as brass he asked me if I wanted to go to the pub and have a drink with him!  At 9.45am to boot!  I said no (oh really?) but he seemed surprised by that (?) and was trying to pursue it but luckily, his Doctor called him in.  I sat there stressing out thinking "Please let my Doctor call me in before he comes back out!!"

My doctor called me in just as he was coming out, he made a sweeping gesture for me to go through the door before he came out so I said "thank you!" and rushed through to my GP's room all a-fluster! 

So, with all that in mind, perhaps a 141/85 blood pressure reading wasn't too bad eh??

Till next time!