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Thursday, 17 May 2012


Evening all, how are you today?

I am sitting here in floods of tears watching "Planet Earth" and seeing the baby elephants struggling to cross the river...some got swept away and it was the most heartbreaking thing to watch.   The elephant group has been reduced due to poachers (for ivory) so the Matriarchs who can judge the river are not around...so the younger ones take the risk and this what happens.  It's so so sad and distressing to watch.   Oh but here we go, they are about to update us on it actually.....

...so further down the river, the babies do struggle but they eventually make it out.  Oh good God what a mess I am watching this.  They must be so distressed and exhausted!  But good news, they made it out and off they go.  Ohhhhhhh dear, pass me a handkerchief!

Anyway it wasn't my intention to write about struggling baby elephants but there you go! 

Well I got my blood test results back today and mostly good and in range for the things I was tested for.  The Vitamin D test didn't come back for some reason the Nurse on the phone advised so I will need to see if the Doctor calls me in the next few working days because that was one of the things I wanted checking.  My calcium levels were a "bit" high but without knowing what my Vitamin D levels are I don't know if that is a worry or not. 

However iron, B12, folate were all ok which is good news especially as I have struggled with anaemia in the past. 

My back ache is gone though my lower back is slightly stiff in the morning but a hot shower sorts that out.  I am back on my bike this week which I think is helping actually as well as saving me £2 a day when I need to take the car!

As for the weight, well, I don't think I have lost anything even though I have been trying hard to stick to a calorie limit and get some exercise.  But someone said to me today that I looked "tiny" especially top half and none of my clothes are feeling tight so...I don't know.  Part of me wants to just forget about what the scales say but part of me thinks I can't ignore it in case there is something 'hidden' causing me weigh 2.5 - 3 stone more than I look!   Sometimes it is hard to know what to do for the best and I don't want the GP to think I am some paranoid hypochondriac! 

Right, I am off to make my frugal home made lunch for tomorrow.  Nearly the weekend!  I hope you all have at least one nice thing planned for your break.

Cheerio for now!

PS.  ARGH!  Now they're showing a buffalo being attacked by lions!  It's all too stressful for me!  Think I'll put on Die Hard or something mindless!

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  1. I don't watch nature programmes - too much violence for me. Have a good weekend.
    Love from Mum