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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mother's Day

Good evening to you. Hello to my new followers, it's so good to have you on board and thanks to those who have commented recently, it really makes my day when people take the time.

So. To those of you who are Mothers in the UK....happy Mothering Sunday to you.

I am not going to massively get into the whole debate on whether it is just a money spinning idea and you should show your Mum all the time not just on one day (a la Valentines Day) as I guess most of you have your own firm opinions on it anyway.

My own personal opinion is, in the majority of cases, Mums are wonderful and we should appreciate what we have before it becomes what we had. A little effort and thoughtfulness throughout the whole year: yes indeed, most certainly! But I don't think I personally know any Mum who, as much as she wouldn't want stupid money spent on her on Mothers Day, doesn't love a little card or letter with a loving message arriving through the post when these days it's mostly bills & junk mail! And you can pick a card up for less than a pound, or write a letter for free. I guess for some people who find it hard to express their feelings most of the time, Mothers Day is the perfect time and way to do it. I am sure the Mother would really appreciate the sentiment as well.

For those hard working Mums whose feet barely touch the ground most days of the year, just this one day, where the kids old enough to make her a breakfast in bed or perhaps do the daily chores, is lovely and costs nothing.

I am not a Mum and probably never will be now, and my Hubby was out all day on a "hobby" adventure so my Sunday consisted of the following: a big fat lie in till 11.00am which is disgustingly decadent but hey, it was sleeting outside, I had done all my housework the day before and I wasn't breaking any laws! After breakfast I then proceeded to administer my usual home pampering which was lovely and made me feel human again (after traipsing around the house looking like a vagrant yesterday). A long hot coconut flavoured shower and then some browsing on the internet with a cup of tea and a stretch out on the sofa.

It could never last though. Ironing at 4pm followed by making dinner, washing up and then trying out a recipe for home made peanut dip to have with vegetable crisps. Which hubby is happily devouring now, I can report.

I shall be settling down shortly for the last "Being Human" and then that is officially the end of the weekend and I'll be off to bed as it's an earlier start than normal tomorrow to catch a lift into work with a friend.

I hope your weekend was not spoiled by the awful weather. Really! It needs to sort itself out and soon. I've got some lovely summer clothes bargains I want to get wearing!

Bye for now.



  1. I told my kids not to buy anything, as there isn't anything I really want or need at my time of life and it's only just over a week since my birthday. I did however say I would appreciate nice cards, so I got exactly what I asked for!

    Your day sounded lovely!!

  2. Hi I know what you mean . I must admit though I love telling mum I love her and not a day goes by when I do not! Not just mothers day.
    My daughter got me 3 bags of muesli! I was ectastic about that as I love its practicality! and I love muesli!
    That lay in sounds lovely. Especially the coconut shower to. I bought some cinamon shower cream whenI use it ,it makes me want to eat myself! (that would be to many calories though!!)

  3. I spent most of the day with my parents and the nicest bit was deifnitely the walk by the river - even though it was horribly cold. Sounds as if you had a good day. Jx