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Sunday, 3 March 2013

For A "Quiet" Weekend...I Haven't Stopped!!

Evening to you all, I am hoping you are well?

After what felt like an eternity, the weekend rolled around and I was looking forward to a quiet weekend. After last weekend's fun which left me pretty tired, a couple of days of not going very far wasn't a terrible prospect. But it's been so busy!

I had a hair appointment at my friend's house for my cut & colour on Saturday morning which writes off a few hours, so I decided to get the housework underway on Friday night. Literally as soon as I got in from work, I changed into scruffs and got the vacuum cleaner out and hoovered the whole house. I then decided it would be a good idea to clean the bathroom floor and if I was doing that then I may as well clean the whole bathroom.

Hubby was downstairs preparing a simple, cheap but tasty vegetable curry with Approved Food basmati rice so I carried on sorting out laundry, general tidying up and whatnot.

After dinner I decided the get the kitchen cleaning out of the way and scrubbed the floor in there as well. Another weekend job annihilated!

I set off a load of washing overnight to make use of the cheaper rate which I do as much as possible.

Saturday came and my hair got sorted then I was straight home to tackle more laundry. Luckily it was a gorgeous day, albeit slightly chilly, it was sunny and dry and I managed to get washing out on the line for free drying.

I polished the lounge and bedroom and flicked the duster around other not so lived in areas so everywhere had some attention.

Hubby was settling down for an afternoon of football and hobby stuff from around 3pm so I decided to join him but do my ironing at the same time which is usually a Sunday chore so it was great to get that out of the way! (A couple of cups of tea always helps with the dreaded task as well!)

I had a fairly early night and this morning got up before 9.00 to strip the bed and get the bedding in the washing machine and out on the line as quickly as possible as it was due to be another dry day. Hubby cooked a fabulous veggie breakfast which set me up for the day as well.

After washing up and cleaning the kitchen down (again!) I put some more laundry on and then went off for my shower. After that I caught up on some emails then headed out to get some new windscreen wiper blades for my car. I'd managed to ruin them in the icy weather by letting the wipers run over a very rough icy windscreen, d'oh. I also got some new car mats as well as the old one driver side had become a danger! It kept getting rucked up and I'd trap my heel in it.

I then trawled around trying to get a tyre changed as I was told in January when the car was in for an MOT then the near side passenger tyre was wearing, though it would be ok for a bit longer as I am a low mileage driver. The two places I went to didn't have any stock of my sized tyres and the third place I went to en route home was closed! So that little job didn't get done, I shall have to get that sorted perhaps on my days off in a couple of weeks.

When I got back I was in the mood to get my car spick & span so instead of shelling out for a local hand car wash (which I do treat my car to sometimes as they do a fab job inside & out) out came the bucket and sponge and cleaning cloths for the inside. And how proud I was afterwards, looking out of the window at my clean & shiny car! I do try to keep it clean but during a harsher than usual winter, there's no way I am standing out there a) freezing my socks off and b) adding more water to the street for people to slip on!

After a quick oven chip butty, more laundry sorting & making the bed, I did my usual Monday night chore of taking an inventory of the kitchen cupboards then making a meal plan for the coming week. I am really hoping that my ALDI shop will be only just over £10 on Tuesday but I do need to pop to another supermarket for a few bits that they don't do so I need to hunt down the bargains. I also checked my lottery account and realised I'd won the lottery! Well, a tenner anyway. So I have got that transferred back to my bank account and in the meantime have sent £10 over to one of my savings account over and above what I already put in after pay day.

Tonight's dinner was a very cheap & easy to make vegetable casserole which I made with the radio on (Absolute 80s!) and a smile on my face as I have enjoyed my busy weekend even though I probably need to go back to work for a rest now! Only kidding of course. I shall be looking forward even more the next weekend! Mind you that's lining up to be a busy one as well already. More hours in the day required!

I hope you've had a productive & happy weekend.

Bye for now.

x x


  1. Sounds a busy but lovely weekend :)

  2. Sounds like a very good and productive weekend. I like the odd weekend like that x

  3. You have been busy. It's great to get jobs done and dusted.
    Love from Mum

  4. I'm exhausted for you!!

  5. I'm shattered just reading all that you did! I've been busy in the garden and even managed half an hour just sitting outside with a mug of coffee - first time in many months! My excuse was - I was keeping an eye on my incinerator where I was burning garden rubbish, prunings, brambles, etc. But I'm aching all over now; glad I got it done as it rained earlier, first rain for a couple of weeks. More forecast tomorrow.