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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

All Over For Another Year.....

Hi there, merry post-Christmas to you all!  And welcome to my new followers as well.

There we are then, it's all done & dusted for 2011...only 363 days till we do it all again!

Well I think it went quite well here (and houmous, potato salad etc were all fine!)  But...how was it for you?

Mum seemed to enjoy herself, definitely better than last year anyhow.  I extended her stay another night as well so she could pop down the road (30 miles or so) to see other family and come back when she was ready whilst hubby & I visited his family and she was really pleased about that.  We waited on her pretty much hand & foot which was the plan.  I wanted her to have a relaxing time.

Boxing Day though was rounded off with moronic nearby 'neighbours' kicking off LOUD and obnoxious dance music at midnight which went on until after 2.00am.  This also happened last week which resulted in me banging on their door so hard I broke the skin on one of my knuckles before they could hear me!  It's also happened a time before that as well so it's not a one off.

Last night (or should I say early hours of this morning) it was hubby who went around after police failed to show up, which I can understand as there are no doubt more pressing things for them to deal with.  I'd called them though this time as last week one of the 'friends' got a bit verbally aggressive and I didn't want it to escalate further if hubby went around.....y'know blokes vs blokes and all that macho crap.  Luckily it didn't and they did turn things down/close their windows.  But I am so angry that they have to be told every time and refuse to take on board that this loud music is not acceptable in the early hours especially.

Anyway I shall be taking action about all this through official channels now as this can't go on.  I have lived next to noisy neighbours before and I know from experience it only gets worse if they are allowed to get away with it.  I need this nipping in the bud as soon as possible.  I am dreading New Year's Eve.  I do stay up for midnight and I appreciate people have a good time but I just know these people will take the p*ss.  Sigh.  Wish me luck!

Honestly though....the music.  It's loud but it's also truly truly awful.  As I said to one of my friends, you might as well just dance round a pneumatic drill which has set off a nearby car alarm.  Awful. If that was playing in my house this would be me:

In fact it's not far off that anyway!  (I can even hear it through earplugs.)   I know all this makes me sound about 124 years old but it's all true.  Glad I haven't got children as if they decided to play that crap I may have to turf them out.

OK rant over.

Any plans for the New Year then you guys?  If you do have special plans I hope it goes really well.  I don't think we'll be doing much except drinking a bottle of Cava I received for Christmas and watching the London fireworks which always makes me say "We'll go next year!" but we never do!

Any new year resolutions?  Do share!  I need some inspiration.

Well that's about it for me.  I wish you all the best for 2012 and I'll be back on here soon.

Take care.



  1. I agree with you that you have to deal with noisy neighbours sooner rather than later. Hope whatever you are planning does the trick.
    Enjoy your new years eve party, we will probably be tucked up in bed (yes, I know, boring!) and be woken by fireworks at midnight.

  2. Oh I hate noisy neighbours. I have one obnoxious drinking whacky backy smoking one! Good luck.

    Forgive if what follows is too long or personal but you asked for an idea or two about next year.

    I have decided rather make resolutions I am adopting "one little word" and using that to focus on things rather than setting myself up to fail. I have just come through a revolting divorce and after three years I wait settlement. During this time my youngest has become suicidal and quite difficult and I have lost a lot of so called friends. I have had an ovarian tumour and a melanoma removed too. There are multiple other medical problems.

    Having spilled my soul I have settled on the word RENEW. It is time for me to renew my life's path and focus on my religious journey. It is time to renew my relationships with my children. It is time to renew my outlook towards my health and well being. Hopefully I will get my settlement as there are now court orders and I can renew my living conditions which are not ideal. I also need to renew how I care for my father as he travels the alzheimer's path. Therefore my word is renew and I think many of those things I have listed are not unreasonable goals.

  3. Hey Suze. Bless you, you really have got so much on your plate. I think your chosen word idea is wonderful I really do.

    Good luck with everything and you know, I think it is about time you had a slice of good luck come your way. I send my wish for that for you, out to the universe.

    As far as the wacky backy smoking neighbours go, yes I have one of those too on the other side! Luckily they are fairly quiet and mostly ok, but in the summer, phew, I can forget sitting on on my back lawn at times unless I want to get choked by the fumes. Urgh!

    Good luck to you again Suze and I wish you all the best that can come your way in 2012.


  4. All the best for 2012. I hope that it will be the year when you get a bit of peace a quiet from your neighbours! There's nothing worse than 'second hand' noise. Jx

  5. But in all the nasties there have been some wonderful things too. My folks gave me a trip around New Zealand as a birthday present last year. Mum, dad, MIss 15 and I crowded in a cabin and sailed around that beautiful place. What a joy to have every meal prepared and all the housework done for a fortnight. I also won a car. My ex has almost everything I had a difficult time. Just over a year after leaving him I found myself with my first new car ever. It is tiny but so handy. The only sad part is that I have to give him a monetary portion of it. But until he hands over his money I don't have too and if he doesn't soon various court orders should fall into place.

    Having been given a glimpse of the world I missed i am going to make sure I explore some more.

    As for the kids Miss 18 worked hard and paid for herself to go on exchange to Switzerland. She is now doing a double degree to become a language teacher. My son has secured himself an apprenticeship as a chef. He has great problems with learning so I am so proud of him. Bit by bit Miss 15 and I will see her through this horrible stage. As for Alzheimer's it is n't fun but I have many chances to spend time with dad.

    I am trying to make the best of things as they are better than they were.