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Sunday, 4 December 2011

An Award Winning Blog!?

Well thank you Mum for the award!  I shall take a look at your blog soon for the details and work out what to do next!  Very kind of you.

Well the weekend begins to wrap itself up.  I popped out on Friday night for a drink with a friend I haven't seen for some time.  I drove and just had one glass of wine right at the beginning of the evening and then soft drinks all the way after that.   Tea back at her place later after we walked back from the pub.  So an enjoyable evening and didn't cost a lot and I was home by midnight so no turning into a pumpkin for me.  (If I had, I hope hubby would have made a tasty pumpkin soup and frozen some individual portions for future frugal days...!)

Yesterday until mid afternoon was all about housework & conquering the mountain of washing I had - luckily it was clear & very windy in this part of the world so I got loads dry.  I did have to use the tumble dryer a little bit but not much - about an hour in total and it's not been on at all during the week. 

I then popped out for my hair cut & colour (come around quick don't they?) and cup of tea/chat with my hairdresser.  Whilst my colour was 'taking' we sat with her husband and two boys and WWE wrestling was on.  Her eldest boy (only 7) thinks it is all real bless him and it was so entertaining watching it and seeing his reaction to it all.  So funny! 

This morning I got up at a half decent time and after I hung out the sheet & duvet cover onto the line which I'd washed overnight, we had delicious warming porridge whilst another load of laundry was being done!  That is it for the time being.  I am all washed out.  But I do really love the smell of clean sheets and laundry in general.  One of life's simple pleasures.  Well, my life anyway!  How about you?

I had got up quite early today so I could pop up the road to another little town where they have some bargain type shops...I wanted to try and get a few little presents for younger relatives whom I don't see a lot of by still wanted to get a little token present for.  Unfortunately the road was closed due to a terrible looking accident so I didn't make it there.  I hope that they are ok and it's just the metal that got damaged.

I can't face going out again now, it's so cold.  We're sitting with the heating off at the moment - it's not due to come on till about 4pm.  It's too expensive to have it on all day so I have a huge body-warmer on, on top of  a long sleeve t-shirt and hubby has many layers on!  Unfortunately we don't have a fireplace and as it's a new/modern house, a wood burner is not possible.  So it's central heating or portable heaters, fleece blankets or nothing!  

I read that poor Scotland has been hit by snow & sleet now.  Does anyone know if gas prices are the same up there as they are down here?  If so I feel deeply sorry for the Scots as it gets so much colder than here where I am...I'm sure having the heating off is not much of an option.

Well I think I am off now to put the kettle on for a hot drink and then I may settle down under a fleece blanket to watch an old dvd (All About Eve) which I have been meaning to watch for weeks now.

I hope you enjoy what is left of your weekend, or, if the weekend is now over for you, I hope it was a good one.

Bye for now!


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