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Saturday, 10 December 2011

So this was me today after submitting gas & electric meter readings!
Hello and a huge welcome to my new followers, lovely to have you.

So lookie here!  I have now learned how to insert a picture from a website!  I feel like I am back at junior school...perhaps one of you could give me a silver star for effort?

However it's true....I took meter readings today to make sure I keep on top of the gas & electric and was horrified to read we are just £20 away from an 'acceptable' (in the grand scheme of things) gas heating budgeted figure.  The bill isn't due till the end of December/beginning of January, how the hell are we going to manage to keep warm and have warm showers for £20?  The answer is, we're not really are we?

The electric bill was not too bad.  I say "not too bad" it was still a lot of money but about £40 less than the budgeted figure which means a bit of room for manoeuvre.

So, the plan will be to keep the gas central heating off as long as possible and then have it go on & off throughout the evening i.e. on for a couple of hours/off for 30 mins etc and on for the minimum of time in the morning.  It'll be off during the day.  We can use the portable halogen heater to warm up the lounge when we're in it.  Daily showers will be quick as possible and baths are banned!  They're pretty rare anyway with only hubby electing to soak in a bath once or twice a month. 

Wish me/us luck!

Today has been stressful with having to get out & about to do normal stuff and the shops are just bonkers busy.  I queued for about 20 minutes to get a car parking space at a supermarket at 11.30am this morning!  I only wanted to pop into the Boots next door to pick up a balance of a prescription and then get a few essentials from the supermarket itself!  Nightmare.  What is it going to be like the week leading up to Christmas?  I think I might hibernate.  And certainly see if I can get an on-line shop delivered.  Mind you saying that if I am planning to do that, best book the delivery slot pretty much now as they'll disappear like a politician's promise won't they?

The good news is I have pretty much finished all Christmas gift shopping now (just one more to get...when I can think of something to get for Father-in-Law!).  The bad news is, I now have to wrap it all.

The dream is that they look like this:

The reality is, unfortunately, this:

Again please reader....wish me more luck!



  1. I'm afraid I'm going to have to give you not one but THREE silver stars for three pictures. Well done and good luck with the present wrapping.
    Love from Mum

  2. Loved the post. We are constantly checking our electricity and water readings. Our bill went up by 66% last quarter and the usage was pretty much the same. We had solar panels installed a few months ago and as i live in northern Australia I am hoping they are worth the expense.

    I can only imagine how difficult it is to stay warm and stick to the budget.

  3. Hello Suze, thanks for the comment.

    Funny you should mention the usage stayed the same for your electric but the cost went up....myself and Mother-in-Law were saying pretty much the same about gas prices here in UK for this year vs 2010. It's shocking.

    I am hopeful for you that your solar panels will be worth the expense. Let me know in due course if you think they are! I would be interested to know.

  4. Hi just stumbled across your blog. Love the name of it. It sums up something that I think quite often!, this cant be it.
    Look forward to dropping by again x x