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Right now I am mostly concentrating on getting through a rocky financial patch which I really hope will be cleared (all being well) by the end of Summer 2013. In the meantime I need to concentrate on continuing to do well in my "new" job (actually got it in Sept 2011 but it still feels new!) and living my life as frugally as possible.

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Monday, 24 October 2011

Another Quickie.....Hello!

I recently discovered the stats page which tells me that people from the USA, Australia, Canada, India, Turkey, Germany and some other exotic places, sometimes take a peek at my ramblings.  Well I would just like to say Hello to you all and of course to the people here in Blighty as well.

Even if you don't 'follow' or comment I am thrilled to know you're out there having a little look - and I wish you all the very best!

To those who do comment and follow, I know we're a small & select bunch but such high quality I like to think!  :-)



  1. Of course we are!
    Love from Mum

  2. I always say it's the quality, not the quantity!