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Sunday, 23 October 2011

A Day For Me...

Hubby is out all day today and I have the whole day to myself.  There's a plethora of things I would love to do with a day like this (if I was loaded) but the options open to me are suffice enough really.

I had a massive lie in yesterday (ummm, 9.40am...!) and today I got up not much earlier than that!  I've been knackered so I've not fought it.  It'll soon be Monday morning and up before the dawn every day for 5 days again.

Anyway, I got up and sorted out some overnight washing and got it out on the line.  Yep not particularly self indulgent but I am NOT wasting the sunshine and wind.  I guess you all know me enough by now that you'd probably not have expected anything else from me anyway!

Once that was done I enjoyed a big bowl of cheapo brand honey nut cornflakes and a cup of tea, watching Gok Wan's "How to Look Good Naked" followed by "Supersize vs Superskinny".  I have seen both of them before but I still watch them! 

Then after the washing up, I had a mosy upstairs again and administered some home pampering.

A have a little bit of a Dermalogica face pack left (bought in a 'former life') which I squeezed enough out of - and I think still have enough left for one or two more if I am lucky! - and slapped that on.  A quick tidy up of eyebrows after inspection!

Then I washed my hair with a very gentle shampoo followed by a deep conditioning hair mask which got combed through my unruly towel dried hair.  That needed leaving on for at least 15 minutes so I then used my Soap & Glory foot file to buff my heels.  I can't bear having rough feet!

A little file of my fingernails before removing the facepack then into the shower for a good exfoliation with my exfoliating sponge and a posh shower gel, bought with gift vouchers when I left the last job. Hair was rinsed and then out and into a fresh towel - bliss. 

After applying leave in conditioner (yep, that's needed as well for my rebellious hair!) and mousse, hair is teased into curls using my fingers and left to dry naturally.  I can then apply some matching posh body lotion to compliment the shower gel (also bought with the vouchers) and massage my feet with some cream too.  Nice soft tootsies. 

Put on a little make up so I don't scare anyone who might pop around and then I'm done!  I feel pampered and smell pretty great too even if I do say so myself.  And I had all the stuff already so no cash spent.  Fab!

After that it's back to reality when I realise the shower curtain really needs a wash...sigh.

Well I'm off to have a frugal lunch of some crumpets (bought for 25p at the end of a day and frozen!) and the rest of the chocolate from Aldi.  I couldn't resist and had some yesterday and it's delicious.  It is their Fairtrade Belgian milk chocolate for 99p....absolutely lovely. 

I think I may put a film on (as the phone call with friend happened the other day instead) and just relax for a while before embarking on making a hearty veggie hot pot for dinner.

Here's hoping you have had a lovely Sunday with some time for yourself too.

Ta-ta for now.
PS.  50p is still 50p!  :-)

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