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Monday, 31 October 2011

Today's Silver Lining

Well I haven't made it into work today as I am full of cold.  Also someone needed to be here for the British Gas engineer so that was another reason.  My boss has been really understanding - phew.  I haven't been there quite 2 months yet so I was feeling anxious about it but I think he could hear on the phone how bunged up I am and let's be honest, who wants to be without a boiler at this time of year?  And you'd have to be pretty mean spirited to cause a fuss if someone with a boiler issue needed a bit of time off to deal with it wouldn't you?  He said I could take the day off as sick or holiday, it was up to me.  But seems I woke up feeling pretty crappy anyway I elected to take it as sick.

Anyway the British Gas engineer arrived and he actually listened to what I had to say when I explained the problem and what I thought might be the issue after reading forums and the troubleshooting manual I have for the boiler!  Wow.  Some of the engineers just pooh pooh what you say and don't take the time to listen but this guy was fab!  I made him a cup of tea and let him get on with it once he'd taken what I'd said on board and....it turns out my suspicions were right and it was a faulty PCB board on the boiler!  It had scorched and a fuse kept tripping it out.  Luckily I have boiler cover care so the part was replaced with no extra cost to me and they're worth about £200 I think.  Along with the cleaning of the heating exchanger this year, I certainly seem to have had my money's worth this year and for the first time in a very long time, I am not going to say anything bad about British Gas!

He stayed around for a while after the PCB was fitted to make sure everything was ok, ran various tests, checked all radiators (and bled one of them for me!) and generally was bit of hero today.  I think I might email British Gas with some positive feedback for him.

The radiators were scorching and the hot water was hot even at quite low temperature setting on the boiler so that's great.  I think that we won't have to have the heating on very long with the amount of heat they were throwing out and the thermal curtains/Radflek in place which hopefully means a lower gas bill in December.

So that's my silver lining today when I do feel quite grotty...all dry scratchy throat and streaming nose.  Yuck.  I have been taking extra zinc and odourless garlic capsules, both of which seemed to help me fight off any summer colds this year so I am hoping they help me fight this off quite quickly.  Finger's crossed eh?

How about you?  Any silver linings today you would like to share?

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