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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Countdown to Christmas

Hi there.  Welcome to my new follower and thank you Rainbowchild for your recent comment.  Nothing more has been said about Race for Life but that's not to say it's gone away!  I definitely will need to do some sort of training for it, though I am hoping the cycling I do now for work, will at least give me a better level of base fitness now than I had this time last year!

So here we are nearly at the end of November and Christmas is coming around pretty quickly.  I'll be honest and say I could do without it this year for various reasons but I won't be bah humbug! about it and will try to get into the spirit of things as best I can.

I have decided not to do Christmas cards at work and I will take in some mince pies instead.  I popped to supermarket today and coincidentally there were so many special offers on mince pies it was untrue!  However I was on my bike and couldn't get them all back without crushing them so I will have to pop back in the week in the car. 

I made a budget for Christmas presents this year, like I normally do as it's pointless going into debt over it.  I am of the opinion that those who love & care about you will understand if you can't afford to get them anything or maybe just a token gesture.  It's what you do during the year that matters most.  Saying that though, my budget is just about breached and I haven't got for everyone I want to get for yet so some creativeness is called for here! 

I have all hubby's presents and will enjoy wrapping them even though I am the world's worst gift wrapper.  Honestly, even a CD ends up looking like a football by the time I have finished with it and sellotape and me do not get along!  Someone created those user friendly sellotape dispensers with the cutters on and I still get tangled up with the bloody stuff!  Not my finest hour.

We're entertaining at ours this Christmas Day - should only be four of us but I am worried about it already!  It'll be a veggie Christmas so that's easy enough but I am only used to cooking for two and usually only one course!  What fun it will be on Christmas Day then eh.  Might just cheat and make a big soup a day or so beforehand for starters which can be heated up easily and after main course (whatever that's going to be) have something easy to nibble on for dessert.  I've never ever claimed to be a domestic goddess and life's too short to pretend to be one now!

Have a great rest of weekend....



  1. I completely agree with your sentiments! I have set a budget this year too, its less than last year but I am still really looking forward to it. My husband and I tend not to buy for each other but like to try and go away for a weekend after christmas as our christmas treat. Wholeheartedly agree about not buying cards for people at work. I will probably bake too.

  2. I haven't bought Christmas Cards for years because I think they're a waste of money and paper.

    I've been a lifelong Oxfam supporter, so I always make a special Christmas contribution instead of cards.

  3. Hi there..completely agree with you there..no cards this year..we also have got a budget too stick to..however it might get blown away in the new year as i have found out that at the age of 43 i am expecting..shock is not a word we used..
    I love christmas..making pies and wrapping the gifts..

    I cannot imagine the shock. Actually yes I can as I am 40 and if it happened to me I think I would fall off the edge of the planet.

    But my goodness, it's lovely news....congrats again!