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Thursday, 3 November 2011

It Slips Through Your Fingers Like Water....

Money that is!

Hi everyone, I hope you are well today?

I am on some annual leave from today until next Tuesday inclusive which is lovely after having been ill this week.  Some legitimate time to myself and luckily I am feeling heaps better.

So yeah, money.  So one week I have 50p in my purse and I can make that last literally a week, and the next, I have £40 in my purse in the morning and come 7.30pm in the evening I've got £3.40 left.  Argh!!

Do you ever get days where no matter which way you turn, you need to get your purse out?  I have had one of those days today.  Admittedly one part of it was meeting a friend for lunch and I well & truly pushed the boat out with a panini and a hot chocolate! Everything else has gone on mundane stuff like petrol, groceries and the like.  I have also put some boots in for re-soling (not included in the £40 mentioned above) and I am having the Timpson's "Rhino" soles put on which aren't cheap at £21.95 BUT:

a)  it is cheaper than a new pair of decent boots suitable for walking around a large site at work


b) the soles are guaranteed for the life of the boot.  And seems they are decent boots, that should be quite some time!

Hubby and I are going out for a meal tomorrow.  It's our first meal out for.......umm....ages?  That long ago, I cannot actually remember.  I remember being *out* but I couldn't tell you when it was.  We went out for a free film at the cinema about 6 weeks ago and that was the first time we'd been out for a very long time too.  It may be my imagination but if I listen really intently I think I can hear the cracks of extreme boredom setting in.

I hate not being able to do much socially I really do.  And I live in a really boring part of the country too so it's not like we can even go and walk by the coast or the river or a lakeside or up a mountain (you get the picture) for free.  I know I have to be sensible and I know I don't want to get into debt again but Christ on a Bike I want to feel like I am living sometimes.  There's only so much of the same four walls you can take.

Anyway I know there are far far worse things happening all over the world for people so I won't go on about it cos it's trivial really but...just in case you wondered.....I'M A BIT BORED!!!!!!!!!

What have you been up to lately to keep you out of trouble?

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