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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Foggy Soggy Sunday

Hi all.  Thanks for your comments on the previous post, it is is good to know that I am not the only one who feels at odds with the modern world (or at least it's tv!) at times.  And also pleasing to read that others are using freegle type websites.

Urgh it's horrible out there!  It's been misty or full on foggy around these parts for what feels like weeks now.  Getting washing dry outside has been impossible and the house is constantly damp through drying on radiator airers.  So yesterday I had to give in and use the tumble dryer a few times as we had a mountain of "big" laundry (sheets, bath towels etc).  I was so miffed about using it!  I did leave one use of it till late at night so I got the cheaper electricity bracket but still, I don't like having to use it.  On the other hand I suppose you could say if I only do have to use it once in a very rare while I am not doing too bad.

I've had a good weekend - went out on Friday to a local gig where tickets were cheap & purchased months ago and the money for drinks and a taxi home was budgeted for.  I also brought some cash home!  So that was good.  A good friend visited me yesterday and I passed on some bits & pieces to her as she's strapped for cash....some clothes and make-up and a few other odds and ends she could make use of, were happily taken away.  I felt pleased that the stuff was going to a place where it would be used rather than gathering dust at my place.

Stayed in last night and made a yummy lentil & vegetable curry which was so cheap to make and I will definitely make it again.   Tasty and healthy, a winner all round.

Got up stupidly late today.  I have been so tired since the course....no way could I ever become a full time commuter to London!.  I haven't gone out or spent any money at all today.  Or yesterday in fact.  Heating has been on and off, curtains closed to keep what heat in we can and I am sitting here wrapped in a, erm, wrap, to keep warm whilst listening to football on the radio (yes I like football).

So the weekend has gone in a flash.  It'll be "up time" before I know it and back on the bike to work.  I hope it's not foggy tomorrow morning, it is one thing I can't bear.  It's horrible to be out in.  If you are driving and it's foggy, please take care.  You just don't know what's ahead of you.

It's pay-day on Friday and I have about £7 in my purse and a budget of £12 to get fresh fruit, vegetables and whatever else we need to see us through till the end of the month.  Hopefully should be ok, we've got a few tins of pulses left in the cupboard, some chopped tomatoes, frozen veggie mince, veggie burgers, tofu and 3 boxes of Linda McCartney sausages!  I am sure I can cobble together some decent meal plans for the next ten days.

How about you?  Do you find it a struggle to get through to the end of the month or are you super organised and have you learned to budget accordingly these days?  I'd be really interested to read your stories!

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