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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Just a Quickie...

Hello!  Thanks you guys who commented on the last post I made re: cycling. 

I am going to on a course with work for a while meaning getting up at stupid o' clock for a train to London and getting home late (no money for staying overnight....possibly quite rightly as it's the tax payers money after all) which means I may have zero energy for anything apart from the basic life functioning necessities until the mid to end of next week!

But I wanted to let you know that the rides home in the dark are far from pleasant but do-able for the moment.  Wet slushy leaves all over the cycle paths will become treacherous going around corners on the bike once it starts falling to zero so I will have to reassess. 

Other hazards include other cyclists with no lights (idiots), pedestrians in black clothing walking in the middle of the cycle path when there is a perfectly serviceable path to their right (idiots) and overgrown spiky bushes hitting you in the face as the council have ignored your email to cut them back.  Sigh.  I shall persevere...carefully!



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  1. Hi ..i sympathise about the bike rides..we have a trailer for the tots so we can go out as a family..you wouldn't believe the amount of folks that won't move out the bloody way...my solution..AIR HORN strapped to my handle bars lol lmao..thay soon sodding well move then...i love using it..you should see the buggers jump..with me then peddling by smiling saying "thank you"..lol hubby reckons i am evil..
    Good luck on your course..