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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Anger & Sunny Days Don't Mix!

Hello there!  What a lovely weekend it has been once the fog has lifted in the mornings.  Bright sunshine and mild temperatures.  Beautiful. But I am so angry and it feels so wrong when it is so gorgeous outside!


So this morning we wake up to the news that the Tory party Treasurer has resigned over the cash-for-access scandal.  Absolutely no surprise to me though.  All I ever remember from the previous long running Tory government was sleazy scandal after sleazy scandal.  Buttock Face Cameron might like to pretend that's all a thing of the past but I don't think so.  Oh no.  Too much rich old Etonian boys back slapping networking going on in that party for it to ever change.  At the end of the day, when do the Tories ever give a rats ass about anyone that doesn't earn a lot of money, grant favours or open doors for more of their kind or chase foxes around the country for sick pleasure?  They don't care about the working classes and their struggles, they never have and they never will so he can ham it up in front of the cameras as much as he likes but he doesn't fool me one bit.  And George Osborne is even worse!

So anyway that was enough but then on a visit to Frugal Queen's blog I discover they want to put VAT on Cornish Pasties as well!  Now that really did p*ss me off!  This is an outrage!  Not only is it completely stupid it is a potentially damaging blow to our friends in the South West.  It will affect people in that beautiful part of the country where they pretty much do depend on tourism and tourism money to prop up the local economy.....but it's not just tourists who buy pasties is it?  I am going to Cornwall later in the year and truth be told, 20% on a pasty isn't going to make much difference to my decision on buying one.

If it wasn't the locals themselves buying their own produce I guess the practice would never have lasted as long as it has.  Plus they must ship out lots of locally produced goods to places all of the UK and maybe beyond?  Adding 20% to the cost of their goods is surely going to hit hard? 

It's one thing showing the world your sleazy Treasurer who obviously can be dispatched promptly and it can all be denied and it will all die down I'm sure....it's all a bit anonymous if you know what I mean?  But this is proper personal for a lot of people.

Here is the link to an online petition.  Please please please sign it.


Some of you might think I am a bit nuts getting passionate about this, especially as I don't even live in the area!  I do visit though and I love it down there.  But it makes me mad because it is lots of things like this that this useless, cold, hard hearted shambles of leadership which keep chipping away at this country at a time when we need all the encouragement and nurturing we can get to keep on producing and selling.  But they seemingly don't care at all.  They are the most short sighted bunch of tits I have witnessed as a government since I can remember governments.  Yes the Labour leadership got the country in debt but at least they tried to help people.  And they didn't cause the recession in 2008.  Rich, greedy bankers did.  This shower have done nothing since they came to power that I can think of, which has helped this country.  I cannot think of one thing at all.

So that is why I am angry today and I am even more angry that Buttock Face and his cronies have made me feel like this on such a lovely day.  B*stards!

Anyway apart from that I'm fine.  How are you?


  1. I agree with everything you just said completely.Both my husband and myself work in the nhs, front line jobs, me nursing, him a scientist in the lab and they now want to privatise a lot of it.I am livid about that too, soon it will be a second rate service, if you can afford to pay you will get the best treatment.

  2. I'm fine, thank you. It's been a glorious weekend and we've got a lot done - without interference from the government. I had enough of them while I was working. Now I'd rather leave them alone and out of my simple life - no stress that way!
    Love from Mum

  3. I agree completely. I lived through the Thatcher years - my husband had been made redundant twice by the time he was 18 in 1980. He didn't get another job for over 2 years.I remember well the utter despair and hopelessness we felt at times, especially when we used to get up the day after a General Election and see that people had voted them in again. At least I can't be held responsible for that. I've never voted for them and never will, for all the reasons in your post and then some.

  4. I agree too - but frighteningly what's the alternative - back stabbing Ed Milliband (anyone who stabs his brother in the back like he did is certainly not trustable) - it's us hard working poor buggers who suffer whoevers in power - I'm still with the idea that all MP's wages should be cut to the national average wage (and their pensions too) then we'd see who was worth their mettle and perhaps we would get rid of all the pontificating crap that claim to care so much about the people of this country, whilst their linning their own pockets - Hope you've had a better day today xx