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Monday, 12 March 2012

Quick Update.....

......argh!  Repair quote for washing machine was £200 to £230.  NO. WAY.

Friend offered us a washer dryer in her garage but unfortunately too big for the machine space in our teeny kitchen (impossible to change without ripping the whole kitchen out).

So, shopped around for the best I could find online tonight and found one the right size (Hotpoint basically, same as now) and bought it through Quidco.   Delivery & plumbing in on Friday.   Could do without this...but can't do without a washing machine.

Thanks Atilla for the comment on Approved Foods!  I replied to you. x

Night all, I am off to cry into my bank statements.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the washing machine; we were very blessed to be given one a few years ago, so I expect I'll be buying one sooner or (preferably) later.
    I've ordered from AF about once every 4 to 8 weeks. Yes, isn't it maddening when you've just ordered and then they get in something else you want! I thought the same about the stir fry sauces. The gluten free cereals are lovely but seem vey sweet to me after cutting down on sugar a lot. Actually, I'm wondering if I got the last of the cream; I got more than I ordered and I wonder if they thought, what the heck she's a good customer, get rid of 'em. I didn't email them this time because I had to throw something away that was too damaged to eat (if I had, from previous experience, they'd have refunded the damaged item and said don't worry about the extra, so as I was having a bad day, I just thought, fair enough and left it).