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Saturday, 17 March 2012

New Weekend, New Washing Machine, New Love for Approved Foods!

Well hello there, and how are you today?  Very well I do hope.

Ahhhhh it is Saturday, just before 1pm and I have been up for quite some hours and have finished all my main chores for the day, I've had a nice shower and done something with my battered nails too.  A quick push with a cuticle hoof thingyjig, a quick file of any rough nails and then a slick of Rimmel base coat to give them a bit of a shine and they're done.  Now I feel vaguely presentable again!  I'd love to be able to afford a professional manicure once a month (like I used to have....in the old days) but it's completely out of the question.  It is one of the things I'd pay for again though if I had more spare cash as it's so relaxing and I use a self employed local lady so it helps her too.  Much cheaper than a salon as well.   Oh well, maybe one day.

I digress!

If you're not interested in white goods you can skip this section:

Well, the new washing machine was delivered and plumbed in yesterday so after the required "initial wash" was done (a hot wash with no laundry and it took ages) I did two more loads, one of which was on overnight.  Sorted that this morning then put on some more so I am getting there, catching up.  The new machine is very quiet, has a taller drum than the previous one (which seemed deeper going backwards if that makes sense) but it is still a 6kg load so I can get a decent load done at a time.  I like it, though most of the cycles take a very long time.  There is a time saver button you can use to cut it down by about 50% but that still means 90 minutes in some cases!  As I am not married to a mechanic and I don't work on a farm, most of the clothes aren't that dirty so I can't see me using most of the long cycles at all.  I did read that Hotpoint machines to have long cycles.  Luckily there are a couple of options for a quick 30 minute wash and another for 60 minutes which is OK.  I registered for the free 5 year parts guarantee as well.  12 months from purchase covers parts & labour then after that it is free parts, but you have to pay for engineer's time.  I suppose it depends on how much the engineers charge per hour as to whether it's worth having! 

<Washing Machine Data Ends>

Yesterday our first Approved Foods delivery arrived!  I am so impressed with the service!  I was kept up to date through the week with delivery information, being told it would be delivered Friday, then a time came through as well which was handy for hubby who was at home yesterday waiting for washing machine.

The good were well packed and everything was delivered in good condition.  Last night, watching a film we feasted on some plain poppadums and some mango chutney we already had rather than shop bought chip & dip!  So that was great.  I have some Twix's chilling in the fridge.....9 Twix for £1.50, my word that's crazy!  Twix heaven.  They are my favourite chocolate bar.  Although I also like dark chocolate Bounty too.  Hmmm I can feel a Harry Hill "fight" coming on!

Anyway I am just so excited about it, like a kid who has been accepted into some sort of club!  I will definitely be looking at the site frequently (reads:  daily, probably) until the novelty wears off a bit.  I have signed up for some alerts as well as I can imagine the disappointment if you miss something you need or use frequently.  I have recommended it to so many people already so let's see if they go for it and if I earn any credit. 

Oh and Attila, I had a big bowlful of millet rice this morning with added sultanas and it was delicious!  I forgot how much I liked it.  I will definitely be stocking up on that.  Best before date was April 2012 - well it certainly won't be hanging around that long that's for sure!

Well lunchtime is here and my tummy is telling me so, so I am off to make some beans on toast and then see what else I can do today for free!

Bye for now.



  1. I am so glad you enjoyed your food order. Enjoy your new washer too.