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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Best Laid Plans.....Go To Pot!

Well all the intentions were there for today!  Unfortunately it all went down the toilet.

So, first off, apparently no rain forecast for my area for TWO WHOLE DAYS so yipeeee I think, I can get a load of washing ready to be put on later when hubby comes home and he can also put it out when it's finished.  And it had to go on as he needed work uniform washing.

So at about 1pm it starts to chuck it down doesn't it?  And does it stop?  Does it 'eck!  It absolutely threw it down for hours...thunder....lightening....local flooding......no rain for two days my arse! 

So hubby puts tumble dryer on to get all the clothes dry.  Which is bad enough as it is but when I get home I find out he's tumble dried four of my tops that shouldn't even look at a tumble dryer let alone go in it!  ARRGGHHHH!!

I think one of them may have shrunk but I won't know till I put it on as it is a 'gathered' kind of hemline.  I can't face trying it on yet.  I've only worn it one weekend since I bought it.  If I put it on and it reveals my belly button I think I'll cry!  The other three I think are just about ok.  I told hubby to just leave my stuff alone in the future and leave it in the washing machine if he has to and I'll sort it out myself as he seems incapable of reading a laundry care label (this is not the first time such a thing has happened). 

Anyway my other plan was to leave work and go straight to shops for the weekly groceries.  Wrong!

Due to all the rain, the car park of my works was heaving trying to get out - complete chaos and it took my twenty minutes just to get out and onto the main road.  It was lashing it down again and I just wanted to get home as I had no coat with me and peep toe shoes on.  Not conducive to flooded car parks and crazy weather.  So I phoned hubby (whilst still stationary I must stress!) and asked him to pop over the road to the local (equals expensive) shop for just the bits we needed to get us through a simple meal tonight (an onion, some mushrooms and a courgette) and I would pop back out later for the main shop.

So he does go out bless him and comes back with a pack of three of onions & courgettes and a punnet of mushrooms (and biscuits!).....spending about £3 more than he had to when our budget for the rest of this week is only £15 anyway.  ARRRGGGHHH!  I didn't say anything though, it wasn't his fault as it's all they had but how annoying when you're trying to just keep the spending down?

So I had dinner then popped to the nearest supermarket where I bought as many 'basic' items as I could and I also picked up some reduced new potatoes which helped but still spent £11.10.  Which would be fine if I didn't have to pick up more fresh bits on Friday to see us over the weekend and early next week.  That'll be at least another £5 I think. 

So budget blown and weather ruined laundry/no tumble dryer plans!  Well done Met Office for predicting that.  I wish they'd just give up and tell us the forecast for the next half hour if that's all they can do successfully!

Right time to chill out I think and 'let it all go'.  Tomorrow is another day and let's hope for better and some good news on the job front maybe?

Now....where's my cuppa?

Have a great evening! x


  1. I just thought I'd pop by and say hello!

    I hope your blouse hasn't shrunk, couldn't you just kill them when they try to be "helpful"!!

    I will be popping by again to read your posts.

  2. Oh, I'm so with you on the 'helpful husbands' comments. I've had to tell mine not to tumble dry anything other than his own stuff but preferably nothing at all - that's what a clothes line is for, right? And like you I have to bite my tongue when he goes out to buy one thing at the supermarket and comes back with the wrong thing PLUS biscuits, chocolate and wine. For himself. Men, eh?

    K xx

  3. Oh good, I am so glad it's not just me then!!