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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Satisfying Saturday!

Well now what a lovely day I have had.  It's days like this that I am so grateful for and enjoy so much.

I got up about the time I planned and did a bit of housework before getting ready and toodled off.  I had about 30 minutes in the end before I met my friend and I only made it to one of the charity shops.  I tried on a few tops, one would have been perfect but it was too sheer.  So that went back on the rail.  I did end up with a red & white 'wrap' top from Wallis for £2.75 that has been washed already and is drying as I type!  Not exactly interview material but a lovely leisure time top and possibly a work top too where I currently work (or if I get the new job, when I am settled in a bit).

I also stumbled across a Tracy Shaw "salsacise" DVD for £2!  Now I loved dancing up until about 18 months ago and also used to do salsa a long time ago (as well as aerobic 'dancing' too) so I thought "why not?" as I really have been idle of late and my midriff is letting me know about it!

Hubby is out tonight so I put the DVD on - it was good fun and only 51 minutes long which was enough time to get a glow on and know I was working out but it was fun to do.  So I shall have to get that on at least once a week as well as trying to fit in some walking in my lunch hours and at weekends which I also enjoy once I am out there and hopefully I can nip this budding spare tyre in the bud!

Back to my day.....

Met my mate and we had lunch then walked around a little whilst chatting then ended up in a cafe where we indulged in a dessert and a cuppa.  I wasn't thinking then about my budding spare tyre obviously was I?

We were in the cafe for a good hour & half I would say (on top of about the same having lunch I'm sure!) and had a massive catch up.  We did pop to another shop but I didn't buy anything...I was tempted but I put things back on the shelf, thinking about stuff I had at home that I could use instead.

We chatted & chatted even back at our cars and probably didn't stop chatting for 5 hours!  So we clearly had a lot to talk about....

I came home and then relished the fact that I was inside just as a storm broke and enjoyed the lashing rain on the window and the claps of thunder, knowing the water butt would be full again soon as it really did pelt it down.  Perfect!

I haven't had dinner as I am still feeling full from lunch & dessert (though I might have sneaked a few Sainsburys Basics digestive biscuits with a cuppa) so that's good...saves on the oven and I can keep back what I might have used for another day.

The exercise DVD perked me right up too so in my book this has been a successful day....even if I didn't find my interview shirt.  Ah well....to the shops clutching my voucher tomorrow then!  Wish me luck.

Here's hoping you have a wonderful Sunday.

PS:  Mum if you are reading this, I left a comment for you on the Friday post.

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  1. Hi,
    Sorry you didn't get what you were looking for at the charity shops. Never mind you seem to have had a good day with your friend. Thanks for the comment. I enjoy doing many things some of which are on my blog. I shall have to do some 'enjoy' posts won't I?
    Love from Mum