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Right now I am mostly concentrating on getting through a rocky financial patch which I really hope will be cleared (all being well) by the end of Summer 2013. In the meantime I need to concentrate on continuing to do well in my "new" job (actually got it in Sept 2011 but it still feels new!) and living my life as frugally as possible.

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Friday, 22 July 2011

It's Here...It's Here!

The weekend is here!  And my week off follows!  And I have a bottle of chilled wine!  Does it get much better?  Actually it does as hubby treated me to a king size Twix!  My God the excitement.

Hello and welcome Sara, thank you for following and I'll look forward to reading your comments too (as I will everyone's).  Honesty.....I have it in abundance which is mostly good.....sometimes maybe not so good but I'll always try and be subtle if I need to be.  I think you know what I'm saying.  (We've all got a friend who has made strange wardrobe choices for instance....)

Thanks everybody on the job congratulations.  I am still so happy and I feel like even now I am starting to get 'me' back. At work today I was able to just get on with it thinking "This is not forever...I will be moving on!" and I was at peace.

I have been spoken to twice now to see if they can change my mind about leaving.  I don't blame them for trying and I guess I'd be insulted a little if they didn't bother to even ask but the answer is no anyhow.  Within the core of me I feel this is a great move and I will remain positive.  I don't want to build my hopes up too much but I want to go in with an open mind and not be thinking that it'll probably be awful just like the last two jobs were (well the last one for sure).  But I definitely feel like this is a good change of direction and I just want to hang onto that.

Hubby was able to contribute more towards the house this month as his wages were a bit more than usual due to some overtime so that was a nice surprise today.  All in all it's been a good day and even the pelting rain can't dampen my mood.

My God what a turn around in a week eh? 

So what are your plans for the weekend then?  Are you up to anything exciting or just relaxing in a frugal way?  I am off to get my hair cut & coloured tomorrow which is a treat but I am not ready to go grey yet.  I get it done at someone's house which is very much cheaper than a salon but certainly more expensive than doing it myself.  However there's no way I could attempt to cut my crazy hair and a home dye kit would literally make it die.  I am jealous of people who can do their own but for me it's just not an option.  But what I spend is still pretty cheap considering and it's money well spent.

I think we'll be staying in tomorrow with another film which is fine by me as I have all next week to go out & about it I want to.  I have already set up a few meetings with friends which will be lovely to catch up and won't be expensive as I will drive rather than drink/taxi. 

My social side has been 'unwrapped' this week...I am definitely in the mood for fun with my friends!  But unlike years ago, it'll be done on the frugal side.  The old (young!) me would've booked us a table in a restaurant for a three course meal, bought wine, got taxis there & back, maybe even tried to talk a friend into taking some time off as well and going off somewhere for a night for a laugh! 

Hmmmm so why was it you got in debt then Mrs?  Lessons learned!  But hey at least I have had some fun and at least I can continue to...but it'll just be fun on a budget!


  1. Hi ya..well enjoy that kingsize twix..and the wine..so glad that you have got a new job..my eldest dd is unhappy in her job..has gone for several more..her boss keeps making promises to her that he never keeps..she has started to suffer from heart palpatations due to the stress of it all...he told her if she is off sick then he will finish her..bloody swine..want to shake the man and tell him to f*ck off and leave my girl alone..grrr!!!!..sorry for swearing but he makes my blood boil...
    Having your hair done these days is bloody expensive..thankfully my dd is a qualified hair-dresser..so i get free hair do's..and my husband dyes my hair..blonde in a bottle although you can't tell lol...
    Plans for my weekend are..
    1,finish painting my picture frames
    2,catch up with all the laundry
    3,do a shopping list for big shop
    4,get to the allotments and harvest whats ready and either freeze it or eat it
    5,clean out the chickens and then probably have to round them all up again lol..
    6,go to my other dd for a cuppa and a playdate with my littlies and grandchildren..
    phew when i write it down it seems a lot..but its not really..
    O yes and look on ebay for a coffee grinder..i'm trying to reduce my electrical appliances one by one..and at same time switching tv off all day..tots not impressed but i have noticed they play for longer and much more nicely when its not on..
    righto i'm off..things to do
    enjoy your day

  2. Hey Sara

    I am shocked about your DD's treatment and clearly this guy needs a course in how to treat staff properly and get the best out of them. Is this the DD who is a hairdresser or does she do something else?

    Anyway if she is getting heart palpitations she really needs to see a doctor about it and get a sick note if he signs her off and legally, what can he do? Really? I wish her all the best in finding something else or maybe she could take the plunge if circumstances allow and do some temp work? Bosses like that need to learn that they cannot treat people so badly and expect them to stay. He needs a sorting out the b*****d.

    You sound very busy today! I hope you had a productive time and good for you switching the TV off. I am sure I only ever watched TV Saturday mornings when I got up early with my brother (till Mum got up then it went off and we did chores or went out to play!) or after school for a little while before dinner/homework. I sure have far more memories of things like playing British Bulldog, tag, hide & seek, riding my bike, walking with my friends and fighting with aforementioned brother than I do watching TV anyway!

    Anyway, times change I understand that but I think you do a good thing weaning them off the telly. :-)