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Right now I am mostly concentrating on getting through a rocky financial patch which I really hope will be cleared (all being well) by the end of Summer 2013. In the meantime I need to concentrate on continuing to do well in my "new" job (actually got it in Sept 2011 but it still feels new!) and living my life as frugally as possible.

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Monday, 4 July 2011

The Weekend is Over....The Weekend Approaches!

Good evening to you.

Well I have my first follower (hello Keshling!) and I also had my first comment left (thank you Mum!)  That is...someone called Mum, not my actual Mum by the way!

This is all quite exciting for me...knowing now that this is real and that there are actually real life people out there in the big wide world reading my thoughts.  It made me go "Oooooh!" and my tummy flipped a bit.  So thank you, you made my day!

Anyway.....the festival was great.  It was actually "Wireless Festival" in Hyde Park and we went because Pulp had reformed and we really wanted to see them.  It was a lovely day in that we did what I said we'd do and had a big fat cooked breakfast (mostly grilled & all veggie so not that unhealthy!) which set us up for hours.  We took bottles of chilled tap water and some fruit/cereal bars for the train journey. 

We met a friend in London and headed to the festival with him and we had such a lovely day, just sitting and chatting and sipping our (expensive) beers slowly to make the most of them!  I bought two beers at £4 each and refused to buy any more!  I had a veggie burger at £4.50 and that was it.  I didn't spend anything else whilst I was in there but my word I was mightily tempted by an ice cream.

I took £30, that was my saved up budget for the whole day/evening & today and I came back with about £7......£1.70 of that had to go on bus fare home.  Oh the temptation to jump into a taxi so as not to wait for 20 minutes in a hot bus station was immense but those days are well and truly over!  So I have a bit of change rattling around of which I put the coppers into a jar we use and at some point soon I'll take a trip with the jar's contents to the bank and pay it all back into my account using their lovely loose change counting machine.  I love it!  It's free - no charge or commission for using it.

I digress. 

The other saved up budget funds were spent on: bus fare into my local train station on Sunday,  a bottle of water, a muffin & a packet of Kettle chips on the way back to hotel last night from a local corner shop (cheaper than room service right?) and I reused the bottle with hotel water, for the trip back across London on a baking hot tube this morning. 

I also bought a large cup of tea at King's Cross and an Italian mozzarella baguette which served as breakfast.  The hotel's continental breakfast was £17!!  What???  Lovely hotel for the reasonable money I paid in advance though and we got upgraded for free upon check in....to a massive room with a huge bathroom!  That made my day.  Obviously I've snaffled some of the posh shower gel.  Also some shampoo which I am going to give to a friend who's going to festivals this summer - perfect size shampoo for them with their short hair!  I can't use it, it would turn my already dry hair into straw. 

Anyway the gig was great fun and it was so good to see Jarvis Cocker up there doing his thing again after so long.  Their finale was "Common People" and it was superb.  I had a grin from ear to ear I'm sure.

After the gig we waited for lots of the people to clear out before we headed for the exit then walked to Bond Street tube station - God my feet were killing me by the time I actually got on the tube but no seats for us!  Hell no, just a packed out, boiling hot tin can with my face stuck in someone's armpit...you know how it is on the London Underground when it's busy.  Good job it was only 3 stops that's all I'm saying.

Had a lovely long hot shower this morning but I was still mindful of the fact that it was much needed water (and not just a money thing for me) so I didn't over indulge. 

Got back and have spent the day doing some washing to get all the sweaty festival/hot underground journey clothes all clean & fresh and they've dried on the line too.   I think that's it for washing now till hopefully the weekend.

So I have had a much welcome boost and that'll keep me going for a while.

Mum:  I liked a lot what you said about doing something you like once a week and then you won't have regrets.  I need to turn my thoughts to the things I like doing and how I can do them for free or for very very little money.  I'll admit I was a complete spendaholic in the past with expensive taste and a penchant for dropping everything and just buggering off somewhere....that was how I enjoyed my life.  DOING and SEEING 'stuff'...buying 'stuff'...experiencing 'stuff'.  I also loved dancing but classes aren't cheap and going out to dance in the evenings 'socially' isn't cheap either!

I should & need to be, more creative with time & what little money I may be willing to let myself have.  So I'll get my thinking cap on with regards to that and will post soon on the results.

Oh something else I did today was wax my own legs & bikini line for £6.80!  Saved me £15.20 that did!  I have also listed something on Freegle and asked for something on Freegle too.  Fingers crossed for a result and a taker on my item.

Have a good evening and hey....only 4 more days till the weekend.



  1. OMG....waxed your own bikini line? You brave, brave girl!!!

    K xx

  2. Haha! Well I've been waxed for years now and those Veet strips are actually pretty good when you're strapped for cash...and using them isn't painful at all. Unless I am just used to it now...?