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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Downhill Now Till the Weekend!

That's why it gets called hump day!  No not being rude.....it just means once you're over lunchtime on a Wednesday it is over "the hump" and down hill to the weekend :-)

Well today was such a busy day again and my body aches from constant nose to grindstone, fingers ablaze on the keyboard and not even moving to go to the toilet till I was desperate!  But at least the bosses weren't in today so we could just get on with it without having them breathe down our necks.

I popped out at lunchtime to look for a new top, something smart because....I have an interview coming up!  Yes good news indeed.  I won't go into detail but suffice to say I am excited about it and it could open up a whole new world to me. 

I did find one top in the sale in Oasis for £20 (was £38) but I wasn't sure about the colour at all.  It was smart & functional, fitted and well made but I just wasn't sure.  I have wasted so much money in the past on clothes I "wasn't sure" about so I put it back and bought nothing.

Also I should really be having a trawl through second hand shops for a good quality bargain before I buy anything new.  I haven't got too much time though and there is only one shop close to my work (which is a bit crap to be honest) so I need to get it sorted to visit some others in the time I have. 

I have a small amount of time this Saturday before I meet a friend; there are two shops in the area I could quickly dash to.  But if I find nothing, the second hand shops will then close everywhere and in the city centre, until Monday but I'll be back at work then. 

If I don't find anything then I do have next Saturday (16th) but that's cutting it fine. However I also re-discovered a £10 John Lewis voucher in my purse left over from a birthday present so I could put that towards something new if there is anything good (but reduced!) in John Lewis.  Maybe I could pop in on Sunday and have a little look in case the bargain of the century is waiting for me!

I have had someone contact me for the item I offered on Freegle so that is good - hopefully she's coming to collect that tomorrow evening.  Unfortunately no offers to me for the item I needed though.

Well not much else to report today - I think I will go off to bed now as I am feeling very weary.

Here's hoping you have a pleasant downward slide all the way into Friday night!

Thanks for reading.


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