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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Weekend At Last

So after another long hard stressful week it is at last the weekend. Thankfully it is a long weekend for me as well as I am off Monday.

I am off with hubby to a day/evening  festival tomorrow and we're staying overnight in a bargain advanced booking hotel and travelling back Monday morning.  Train tickets were booked well in advance too, to get the best prices possible.  Return to London for two of us on pre-booked seats came in at around £30 maximum from memory so pretty good.  The only way it'd be cheaper is to go by coach but seems I have a pathological hatred of travelling by coaches that wasn't an option.  It's not the coach that bothers me...it's the fact that every time I do have to travel on a coach I always seem to sit near someone who has no respect or courtesy for me or the other fellow passengers which winds me up a treat.

Anyway I digress.  The festival tickets were bought months ago when I was feeling flush (I was just kidding myself) and seems travel & accommodation are paid for too, the only cash we need is some for a drink and a veggie burger or similar at the festival to stop us from passing out.  We're having a big cooked breakfast before we leave tomorrow morning, taking our own drinks & a sandwich for the train and hopefully that'll see us through till we absolutely HAVE to eat something!  Oh & bus fare to get to train station tomorrow and home again Monday afternoon.  So hopefully a fairly cheap night away.  Fingers crossed anyway.

But it's great to have this to look forward to!

Today I have been very very busy with stuff around the house which I've tried to do as frugally as possible.  Three loads of washing to be sorted (one of which was done overnight) which were 2 x full loads and one load of jeans which I could do on a quick wash as they weren't 'dirty' as such...just needed that freshen up if you know what I mean.  All were dried on the line - I love clean, aired laundry :-)

I cleaned the house, using dust pan & brush where possible on non carpeted areas and vacuum cleaner only on the carpets so to save a bit of leccy.  Also cleaned bathroom & kitchen, making a conscious effort not to go mad with the water to rinse down after scrubbing.  Our water bill is £34 a month for two of us and I really want to manage it down somewhat.  I have started having shorter showers by hosing myself down then turning the water off whilst I clean myself thoroughly with soap/shower gel then only turning it back on to rinse myself.  It's helped with the gas bill as the boiler is not firing all that time (combi boiler) and hopefully when the water meter is read again in October that will show a reduction too.

I hope no-one reads that and thinks "Euw!!" because I am still really clean!  In fact I feel cleaner as the water is not constantly washing off all the lather.  Please don't think anything negative....I promise I am as fresh as a daisy!    (I wonder if on Monday at the hotel if I will treat myself to a long luxurious shower or if I'll just automatically switch it off whilst I lather up.)

I cleaned the car inside & out today using three buckets of water in total and it's shining....that makes me happy.  I like my little old car to look clean.  I just thought....I no doubt used more water on my car today than I did on myself! 

I also did stuff like cleaning down garden furniture, cleaned cobwebs away from patio doors & front door, cleaned our letter box (hangs outside on the wall) and general housekeeping stuff which made me feel quite virtuous. You have to be in the right mood to tackle all that stuff on the same day though!  I guess today was the day.

I also gave myself a home administered manicure & pedicure so I feel a little pampered as well.  It's not perfect but unfortunately I haven't got the spare cash right now to pay for someone trained to do it.  But it'll do and my feet are as smooth as a baby's bottom.

Anyway that's my little waffle for the day.  I hope that the festival & the bands give me a boost and some good memories to take away.  I'm happy when I'm having fun!

I hope you've had a good weekend so far too.

Thanks for reading today. x

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  1. Hi, I've just been blog hopping and landed here. Good luck with your new blog. You've certainly been busy today. I hope the festival goes well. Don't worry it will soon be weekend again. Make sure you do something you like each week and you certainly won't have any regrets when you get 'old'. By the way no one really gets old it really is 'as young as you feel'. I'm only 16 by the way!!!
    Love from Mum