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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

HOW much?

I wish I had space for an apple tree!

Popped out tonight to local Tesco for some fresh bits & bobs to see us through the rest of the week & Saturday.  Hubby added a few extra bits to the list and I also remembered I needed to buy a card for a wedding (as I am yet to discover my inner creative crafty Goddess on the card making front....best I get in touch with her soon eh?) so the budget I'd set went out the window.

I am in shock at the price of apples!  I know we're not in our own season yet but even so.....flippin' 'eck!  It makes you think twice about even bothering but I am not at the stage yet where I want my semi healthy diet to go down the tubes.  I would have just bought some basics but there were none left.  I think I need to seek out somewhere else for fresh stuff as Tesco is getting ridiculously expensive for day to day items in my eyes.  Does anyone else find the same?

Any recommendations for fruit & veg gladly welcomed.  We get though apples, bananas, onions, garlic, mushrooms, potatoes, courgettes (trying to grow some of them at the moment) and some carrots & parsnips too.

We're growing some tomatoes at the moment as well but they're not ripening in a hurry!

Anyway I decided seems the budget was blown anyway that stuff it, I was going to buy us both a glass of wine anyhow so a cheapy rose and a cheapy red went in the basket and we'll have those tomorrow on our "date" on the sofa with The King's Speech.  Some basics bourbons actually did find their way into the trolley as well.....

Apart from the groceries, no other pennies spent today.  The shoes have been taken in for elastic buckle repair and will cost about £7 upon pick up.  I also need to buy some need heel grips and insoles for them but once done that'll be it for at least another year.

I'm off to update my spreadsheet!

Bye for now. x


  1. I think Tesco's a rip off aswell. We get our fruit from Lidl or Aldi, they usually have some at a lower price when they're in season. We're quite self sufficient for veg in summer as we have an edible back garden but I wish we had room for fruit trees.
    Hope your 'date' goes well!
    Love from Mum

  2. Thanks Mum! I will check out Lidl & Aldi too. You are lucky with all the edible stuff in back garden but yes....fruit trees would be the icing on the cake wouldn't they?

    Date went well thanks.